Thursday, July 5, 2012


I was asked recently to have a look at this website called Smart Buy Glasses that sells designer sunglasses and prescription glasses. Now, I love to look at designer but it is always in vain because as a recently “used-to-be-student” currently living off very little I always get quite depressed at looking at such heavenly items. I even get distressed seeing designer gear on fellow, more successful, bloggers. It’s all quite sad really. But once I went on the site I noticed that they were indeed designer but for just a little bit less. Not loads less like you see on some serious knock-off websites but just enough that you would be tempted to spend next week’s wage packet on something (if your weeks wage packet is €100-€170. At the moment mine is sadly less). And tempted I was. Even for someone who tends to stick to one pair of shades at a time. I was even tempted by the prescription wear. But alas! I don’t need them. Damn this 20/20 vision of mine…

I was really astounded by the amount of stock I could choose from. It seemed endless! I didn’t realize this amount of sunglasses/glasses actually existed… From Tom Ford sunglasses to the every cool Raybans and everything in between. Gucci, Prada, Bvlgari, Police, YSL, D&G and so on and so forth… I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it seemed endless. And then they had a serious amount styles. There was definitely one for everyone, from wayfarer sunglasses (my personal favourite of course) to aviators and over-sized. There was really LOADS to choose from. Maybe even too much (he he). 

Best of all they are so pretty! And as we all know pretty is very important when it comes to these sort of matters.

Here are my top three… Drum Roll Please!


Tom Ford

So there you have it! Sunglasses and prescription frames that are pretty, designer and a little bit cheaper than the average bear (I mean pair- excuse that please!) 


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