Tuesday, July 24, 2012

working girl...

Didn't think I'd be saying this for awhile but I am a busy girl at the moment... With the blog and working on FELT and working half days at my new internship (woot!) I sometimes feel a little run off my feet! Thankfully, I still manage to get a run in and enjoy the evenings (and lunch times) with the fella. But this hectic schedule has me all in a tizzy about what to put on in the mornings. I want to look respectable (the dress code in work is respectable/casual) but here in Carlow we are getting some seriously sticky weather so I am finding it hard at times to look well while still remaining cool and comfortable. In an ideal world all these items would be in my wardrobe. Smart low heeled brogues (for the running around), a shirt dress would be comfortable yet smart (depending on how you wear it), a watch to keep me on time and on top of everything and a gorgeous bag to throw everything into. 

Unfortunately this is not an ideal world so I will have to make do with what's already in my wardrobe for the time being... I can totally make this work!

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