Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the slight change...

I know that for the past few days it's been lovely and warm. But I have noticed once the sun goes down or just when I've woken up it becomes a tad chilly. Chilly enough for me to require a slight wardrobe change by seven/eight o'clock. In my opinion you can definitely tell that autumn is here (not in a full blast of cold wind and swirling leaves but he's making his presence known- and yes autumn is a dude!) Like spring, autumn is a transitional period and can sometimes be tricky. I know it is for me at times. You are dying to burst into your new season of clothing but it's too soon, the world is simply not ready yet. So I decided to browse through the archives of The Sartorialist to see what those ever so stylish ladies of the world do when it's kinda chilly but still kinda warm. 

It seems the trick is balance (who would have guessed that). Wearing closed toe shoes and baring your ankles in rolled up jeans. Pairing a coat with a mini dress and ankle boots. Dark, muted colours and bare skin. Taking the best bits of both worlds and banging them together until they make something wearable. Problem is this could go horrible wrong. Worth a shot though since my toes are FREEZING!

But I don't think it's time for scarves just yet...

Has the cold weather snook up on you or are you still embracing the summer?

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