Friday, August 31, 2012

finding my body double...

I was reading an article in one of the recent issues of Style from the Sunday Independent (can't remember which one) and it really got me thinking. The article was about how to become effortlessly chic, which they said was impossible (well duh!) but there were steps to make it easier. Steps like only buy really good items of clothing that work with your existing wardrobe and so on. Fairly obvious ones that most people already know. But the one tip that really stuck with me was to find the closest 'chic' person to your body shape and start to copy their style. Not down to a tee but see what suits them. Because if it suits them, it's pretty much bound to suit you. Which is all well and good but it is very hard to find someone with the same shape as you... I find it especially hard. I don't know why, I sometimes feel like I have pieces that really aren't supposed to go together. Like big boobs and slender legs or a tiny waist yet a sizable belly. So I have settled on one who is quite close to me that I consider to be not only one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever laid eyes on but is also super chic! If only I had her stomach I'd be set... But I think she is fairly close and I am planning on losing this belly.

Her name is Tanesha Awasthi and she runs the blog Girl with Curves. She is becoming my body double idol (she really is the closest I could find). I will look to her for inspiration in those dark days when I am convinced my wardrobe is conspiring against me. And what have I learned so far from studying her wardrobe intently. Well that dark muted colours are good for day to day wear but that a block of a vibrant shade works as well. That an outfit works best when it is kept simple. That skinny jeans (nay all skinny bottoms) are my best friend and so is peplum. That I need to belt everything and that boat necks are suitable too! Oh and that knee length skirts work wonders (both full and pencil).

Has anyone else done this? Found out there body double for fashion related purposes... If so who do you reckon you match best? If you haven't give it a go, I actually found this helpful.


  1. Hello i've just discover your blog and I love it. I think you are a gorgeous curvy girl who knows how to make your body shape beautiful. I read that sometimes you feel uncomfortable but like every women like some bad morning. I think you are beautiful how you are now. Love your hair color and this blog so thank you to share it :)

    Sabrina from France :)

  2. Why thank you Sabrina... That is so sweet of you to say. That really made me feel good.

  3. That's a great idea - I definitely see how it would work! I'm keeping an eye out but it's harder than I thought it would be to find someone my shape.