Wednesday, August 29, 2012

first world problems: baggy trousers...

I love the colour of these jeans. It was the deciding fact when buying them online. That and the fact that I needed a new pair of skinny jeans. Yes I said skinny jeans. They are supposed to look like this! But sadly like most skinny jeans that I try on/purchase they are terribly baggy once they make it half way down my thigh. I always thought I had fairly shapely legs but evidently for my size I got scrawny yolks for pins. I know what you're thinking, this is a ridiculous thing to complain about and I should be happy with my relatively slender legs. I probably should get over it but if my legs are one of my best features I should be able to show them off in skinny jeans and these are sadly not working... And what's even more sad is that this isn't a new problem.

I am half way between an apple shape and an hourglass shape. And one of the tips the experts gave women who were apples was to show off their slender legs in skinny trousers and I happen to agree. I look best in skinny pants. I don't have to wear heels to make them look nicer and I don't have to choose the "right" top to make other pants look more flattering on me. They are truly my go to pants. This is why I love those heavy ski-pant type leggings (well that and they are so very comfy!) So you can understand that it can get a little more than vexing when you can't find anything to fit your legs and your waist.

So I am gonna do my first DIY post. Well I won't be doing anything I'll just be documenting it. My mother (wonder women with a sewing machine) is going to make the legs of what can only be called my chinos smaller so that I can prance around all carefree like I do in my head. I decided to document this because I cannot be the only girl to have this problem, I simply can't!

The post will be up in a few days...


  1. I hear ya!
    You are not the only girl with that problem! :(

  2. My favourites jeans wore out last year and I'm still looking for ther perfect replacement!

  3. Thank God Lucy! I was beginning to think I was. And Blau I know the feeling... Have a decent pair currently and I dread the day they wear out!