Tuesday, October 2, 2012

finding inspiration...

Remember a few posts ago I talked about how as a teenager I followed trends to fit in. In the past few weeks it has become a serious passion of mine to find my style. Something that speaks to me and shows me off to the world. Something that portrays my personality. I remember being told that I don't dress to match my personality. That I was a bubbly person but that my wardrobe was dark. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE black but I have been thinking about what I really like to wear as opposed to what I think people want to see me in. And by people I mean the fashion world at large, I will admit that there are times I love what I'm wearing but I feel it wouldn't be suited for the blog because it isn't cool enough. Which is silly really because the fashion blogging world can be so accepting of all styles, something I think the fashion industry is lacking in.

Anyway, I have been following a few American bloggers for awhile now and the more I look at their outfits the more I feel suited to them. Not only do I love how they look and what they say but I love how these outfits make me feel and I can see parts of me within these women and their style.

Delightfully Tacky is a super adorable blog by a super adorable girl called Elizabeth. She wears tea dresses and cardigans, vibrant yet muted tights and quirky shoes. She has a wild head of hair that she sometimes tames and she has the sweetest smile that you can't help but find endearing. She goes hiking and exploring with her husband while still dressing all sweet and cute!

A Beautiful Mess is a blog ran by two sisters, Elsie and Emma. They own a vintage shop and design cute dresses. They bake and cook and take photographs using all the kinds of cameras they can find. They are not afraid to dress ultra feminine with a hint of silly and their shoe collection is to die for. Like Elizabeth they are super cute!

These two blogs, these women... They have inspired me to dress they way I want. They (actually) dress the way I want and they are not afraid to be out of fashion or not on trend. I am very girly, I love bows and tartan and cardigans and mustard yellow and t-bar shoes and flared jeans. I love to be in heels all the time, but not platforms. I love to leave my hair in curls and I love to wear a little bit of make up because I love my freckles. 

I am just like these women. My true style is their style and I am going to listen to my heart a little more from now on.


  1. I am obsessed with these ladies. I went to Red Velvet shop a few weeks ago. Drove 4 hours to visit it and 4 hours back. It's beautiful. Elsie was there when I went in but she disappeared before I plucked up the courage to say hello. I kind of liked it that way. They are truly dream-like to me. did meet Kinsey, who models a lot of the stuff on A Beautiful Mess. She was working behind the counter. Love her blog too. Elizabeth's style is probably my favourite of all the bloggers I follow. LOVE how she clashes patterns and layers unlikely items so perfectly. Great post :) XO

  2. Also...mustard yellow is the actual shit. I love.

  3. AH I love this post. So honest. You are a beautiful girl, wear what you like, if you're happier in these clothes you'll exude confidence and no doubt turn a few more heads :) Go for it lady! x

  4. I'm not a fashion blogger, or have any real interest in "fashion". I too, follow these blogs and I love how they dress. Being on the slightly larger side, I didn't think I could dress the way I wanted to, and played it safe for years. I would buy clothes that I loved, only for them to end up sitting in the wardrobe unworn.

    Since having a baba almost two months ago and newly fitting back into my clothes, I decided to hell with it and dressed how I want to. In the last month and a half, getting dressed every morning has been a joy, as corny as that sounds!

    So my long and rambly point is, wear what you like. Life is too short to have your sense of style dictated by what others will think. Have fun with your clothes, try out new things. Can't wait to see new outfit posts!


  5. I absolutely love this post. Speaks to me big time x

    1. Lorna: I am so jealous thst you got to go to Red Velvet! And you're right about Elizabeth's style...

      Lia: Oh thanks! I genuinely thought people were gonna hate this post... Nice to know people are so approving :)

      Pink Hibiscus: Congrats on your baba and your new joy of dressing! I am looking forward to being more myself now...

      Saibh: I'm so glad it does! Great to hear I'm not on my own :)