Friday, September 28, 2012

wishing and wanting...

Now that we are fully settled into this season I feel I can look for pieces to add to my existing wardrobe. To just update it that little bit... Practical pieces that can be worn with an arrange of items I already have tucked and shoved away in my presses. Pieces that can be used everyday, that will fit neatly into my lifestyle. Thankfully this list isn't as large a list as I might have suspected at first (but that probably won't stop me from buying other things not on this special thoroughly thought out list of mine).

The three key pieces as you can see are a pair of sturdy yet beautiful boots. Boots have become an important staple nowadays.... A quirky jumper, both comfy and pretty. A win win in my books! And finally a leather look bag from Asos. I love black and metal together and I think I could/would fit loads in it.

What are your key pieces you hope to buy this season?