Sunday, September 23, 2012


My friend Christina and I went for a ramble down to Kilkenny to have a gawk and wander around The Silver Factory's First Birthday Bash... There was Diet Coke (in metal bottles?) and cake and gift vouchers and tattoos and bindis and black balloons galore! Packed with people even into the later hours when we arrived and filled with stunning Silver Factory pieces! There was such a buzz about the place, people talking and laughing, brilliant music being played and of course there was the continuous and uncontrollable browsing of the fantastic collection. My favourite pieces and still the loose-necked tshirts, which by the way are made of the most super soft fabric imaginable! It goes without saying that I cannot wait to see the A/W 2012 collection. Hopefully it'll be coming out really soon

Also going to the birthday bash was a great excuse to visit Shutterbug, probably my favourite vintage shop in Ireland. I always get a kick out of it when I go in there, filled with sequined EVERYTHING, turquoise rings, silk scarves, Silver Factory tees, beautiful wooly knits, the softest of leather pieces and now the Bonzie collection which is even more beautiful in real life!

Fair play to Cameron for putting the whole thing together and to Blanaid and her gang for helping out. It's always lovely to have something like that to go to on a cold Saturday.


  1. Awesome pics and the blog! Have a good weekend!

  2. Great pictures! Where is this? x

  3. This was in the Shutterbug shop in KIlkenny... Lucy you would love it!

  4. love their clothes!