Saturday, October 27, 2012

modcloth joys...

I am beginning to get afraid... very afraid. Soon enough I will receive my very first big girl paycheck! Which, of course, is fantastic but it also means that I will have to force myself not to buy everything I see. This would be easy if only I could keep away from some of my favourite online window shopping spots. Spots like Modcloth, which is really not helping the whole situation of trying to be a good, responsible girl. It really is a danger for me to even venture onto their website. I can't help but want everything they put in front of me. This season is no exception. Their autumn-winter collection is to die for! The cuts are lovely, fitted and figure hugging while the colours are (as always) cute and vibrant. I think a treat may be in order but I will have to seriously think about my decision. 

It'll be like Sophie's Choice I'm sure...


  1. I'm sorry but having read the book/seen the movie,I can't believe you would compare picking out a dress to it

    1. Really sorry. I haven't actually seen or read it... Was just making a little joke. Sorry if it offended you :-)