Sunday, October 28, 2012

put there together just like a collage...

I am slowly (but surely) working my way through issue two of FELT. My real work has taken it's toll and FELT has slowed down. But it has certainly not stopped. Hopefully some of you are thankful of this. Anyway, I have been searching for inspiration for the final section of the magazine which is all about icons of the everyday. I thought a mish-mash collage style would suit the idea perfectly but as some of you know when you set out to make a collage it can become contrived and no longer organic. I want this article to have a certain sleek element to it but I do not want to lose the vibrance you get from a homemade collage.

I have been collecting images from the great world of Pinterest (what a brilliant site for such things) to help cement the look and feel I want my imagery to have. As you can see they are all quite different but all suck you in and make you look twice. This is the vibe I want the imagery in the editorial to have because (in my opinion) that is what the article is all about. And since FELT is a fashion journal I thought the best thing to do was to include outfits of our home-grown bloggers within the collages. Let's just hope that this will work out... Please.


  1. can't wait!

  2. Love the feel of the imagery! Can't wait for issue 2 x

    1. Thanks guys! Hopefully it'll all turn out great :-)