Wednesday, December 19, 2012

cold days & cold nights...

We may not have snow but it is certainly nippy out there! This morning while filling up the car with petrol my hands nearly cracked under the pressure. The sheer coldness. They actually hurt for awhile after... I find when there is no frost or snow you are lulled into a false sense of security that you won't need to cover up completely. Don't fall for the trap like my poor hands did this morning!

I find it is a struggle at times to dress well and dress warm. Layering isn't the best look for me (not good to add bulk to these bosoms) and I don't want to sacrifice either warmth or style. This is merely one of my many attempts. Vests under a lace top, long maxi skirt (like a blanket that you wear) and socks over tights with ankle boots. And then of course the chunkiest coat and scarf I could get my hands on! I do love this coat. Got it back in spring at the Shutterbug Kilo Sale and it is simply the bees knees! It's a lovely casual fit, has beautiful simple details, in great condition and 100% wool. Not too shabby for €30.

How are you guys keeping toasty this winter? Layers? Thermal long johns? Hot whiskeys? Do tell..

Top/Boots: Dunnes
Skirt: Warehouse
Necklace/Coat: Shutterbug
Scarf: River Island
Watch: Citizen

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