Thursday, January 10, 2013

pink crush...

Even though my blog is called Rose Tinted Uncertainty and it's all pinkish in tone, I have never been a massive lover of all things pink. Odd I know! My colours are usually blue, black, yellow and grey. But the sudden thaw has got me thinking of bright sunny days and my inner girly girl wants to show herself off... she's an awful diva that one! So I've been crushing on bubblegum pinks, baby pinks, fruity pinks and pinks that would kick your teeth in as much as look at ya!  And on my search for something to quench this pink thirst of mine I discovered draping fabrics, dotey patent heels and refreshing jewellery. Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful in pink. It has made me really love the colour again. What's funny is that I used to be quite afraid of pink. Thought it wouldn't suit me and usually wore it in teeny weeny amounts but this year I am gonna be brave... if pink is considered brave.

I know we are not out of the dark depths of winter (and a part of me doesn't want to let go of my rustic tones and thick wool) but I can't help but look towards a brighter future (in style that is - we cannot count on the weather to be all that bright).

Is there a colour you are suddenly mad about for Spring/Summer?

First Image: Images from Pinterest (and then made into a collage by yours truly)

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