Monday, January 14, 2013

week #2

Ok so week number two is over and done with. Some of these photographs I am super happy with, others were taken because I was feeling a little uninspired so I literally photographed what I was looking at. But at least I took them which is all that counts! So in order, I will tell you (in brief)what is going on in this weeks snapshots of life. (Inhale) The view from my window at work, the view leaving work, the view going to work (I was the passenger that week), old petrol pumps that I stare at from time to time, martini drank from a Babysham glass (celebrating Friday/drowning momentary sorrow), the heart hanging from my bed post (yeah I nearly forgot to take one that day- but the heart was bought by my mum and is super pretty, so it's graaaaaand) and finally the dead orchid flower that fell from the plant in the bathroom.

I know, you're so glad I shared... eh no.


  1. I really like these photos! Keep up the great work and stay inspired! :-)

  2. Thanks Sarah Jane! I really hope I can stay inspired :)