Wednesday, January 23, 2013

week #3...

Three weeks are over and done with and I have to say I am finding this 365 Project really hard. I'm not forgetting to take photos or anything but I find it hard to get the time to take a truly decent shot and not quick ones on the phone. I think the images are quite interesting but not all that special. Well apart from the last one which is of my beautiful sister, Karen, and her baby bump. She wanted a pregnant lady shot and allowed me to shoot it how I liked. I went all simple and sweet and I am super happy with it (and so is she, thankfully!)

So again in order I'll give you a rundown of last weeks shots... Prepare to be dazzled! So we have, my workmate, Katie's over the top awesome sleeve, the mileage gauge yolk on my car while waiting for my other workmate Trish, The unbelievably intricate gift wrapping on my sister's birthday gift (from Bonzie), the fake orchids in the bathroom in work (as opposed to the dead ones at home), the really old rug in the guest bedroom at home that I covet dearly, a little sign from the nursery at my sister's and then my sister holding the bump of her first child.

On to week four!

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  1. Love your images! The 365 project is a great idea because it forces you to stop and actually look at what's around you and find the interesting out of the mundane... you're shots are brill. I would love to do this but I definitely don't have the time to do one a day. Regular old blogging for me but I shall be watching your progress with interest! Well done!
    Liz Greehy.