Monday, February 25, 2013

the oscars...

We may no longer be in college together (or in the same county for that matter) but myself and Emma Kilduff have for I think our fourth year in a row inspected the fine actors and actresses of the Oscars ceremony and here are our top choices. Top girl and top guy... I know it's such a lazy post but since we all like to scour through them I thought we'd give our 2 cents (4 cents?)

We both thought that this year had some serious contenders. It was really hard to choose but my top girl had to be Anne Hathaway. I doubt it'll be everybody's choice (Yahoo gave her a D+) but I think it was pretty, simple, chic and just a little bit daring. Like a mullet (business in the front and party in the back) but much nicer. Very different from anything else we saw on the red carpet, the pale pink really complimented her skin tone without looking too neutral. Plus she is just working that hair! Oh and the necklace is beautiful as well... Ok I'm done now. My top guy is of course Christoph Waltz. I am just loving the understated muted navy tuxedo on him. I am a sucker for a navy suit anyway so he definitely had the edge. Subtle and refined, perfect match for his wife me thinks!

Now, through the voice of Emma... 

Jennifer Aniston's dress is normally everything I hate about these kind of gowns, its massive and plain but some how that's what makes me love it on her. She knows what suits her and sticks to it, this dress is no exception it's just gone up a gear. The simple strapless dress is a similar cut to some of the previous dresses Aniston has worn and it suits her perfectly. The skirt drapes beautifully and the colour is the perfect shade of red. All this combined with simple styling makes the perfect Jennifer Aniston look. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's suit is by far my favourite. The fit is perfect and the little details like the lapel trims add some personality. This with the dicky bow, pink button and his charm make this my perfect suit.

And of course we couldn't be complete without a gawk at the after party dresses. Some people had a lot of fun here! My favourite is Amy Adams in this sultry Gatsby-esque gown. Chic but still a little offbeat. Not necessarily neutral but not garish either (which sparkly dresses can sometimes be – and some of them were). Thrilled she kept accessorising and styling to a minimum. Pure understated elegance. AND it's an Oscar de la Renta, a real weakness of mine.

Again through the voice of Emma....

Diane Kruger's after party dress is GORGEOUS!! This monochrome, well I'm not sure what to call it, baby doll dress?? has an interesting silhouette and great print. It's just very different and I love it. (Im not a big fan of the shoes, but I can ignore them cause I love the dress so much) The hairstyle and jewellery set this outfit off perfectly.

Do you agree with us? What outfits did you love/loathe? Do you think they were better than last year? Please weigh in and join the debate!

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