Tuesday, March 19, 2013

be our guest/wedding hair inspiration...

So this Thursday one of my best friends is getting hitched (finally!), I am so excited for her and have been looking forward to this day all year!

My dress has finally arrived, I'm fairly certain what I'm doing with my make up and the boyfriend is kitted out nicely as well. All that's left to concern myself with is my hair. I like my hair down for special occasions and I like to give it a little body/height. In fact my hair dresser told me I needed body! But I still don't want it terribly fussy, something that can be easily fixed if a gush of wind comes out of nowhere or if I get trampled on the dance floor. And, of course, a little bit vintage-esque, to match the dress. So off I went to Pinterest to see what inspiration lay in store for me.

And this is what I've come up with, A gentle side sweep with a slight bit of lift in the back (not too, just enough). Thankfully my hair is already curly but I might give it a helping hand to keep the curls big. Couple of hair pins and some hair spray and I should be good to go. I am going to practice the hair tonight to make sure I can actually do it (nothing worse than a hair disaster the morning of a big event).

Wish me luck!

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