Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tis Cold...

So what is the deal with the weather?!?!?! Tis sunny and lovely one day and the next its a bloody blizzard! The boyfriend and I went for a drive in the car last night and I managed to capture this image on me auld camera.... Snow may be cold and wet and so annoying but man it is so so pretty! I had to wear my fur which I thought I wouldn't wear again til next winter....

Could have used a hat like this one last night! My friend Carol made this and I just had to mention her and her talent. The girl crochets faster than any granny I know! And look how cute and bohemian... Totally gorgeous and effortlessly cool. And the buttons are soooo cute! If you likey let me know... I might be able to get you a good deal he he...


  1. Ciara LalorMarch 31, 2010

    go carol =]

  2. lol thanx cira ;)

  3. above ^
    lov carol
    ps this thing is confusing!

  4. I love the hat!
    I cant seem to be able to post pictures, is there any trick to it?

  5. well on blogger there is a little symbol that looks like a picture when you go to make a post... thats how i do it...