Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm moving and changing but I'll still be around...

For awhile now I've grown apart from the blogging world. I have just lost the love for it. My life is so full right now that I don't have the time to sit down and write something for you guys. And I want my posts to mean something and I don't want to write just for the sake of it. But I do love sharing with you guys... I love sharing what I've done, what I'm wearing and what I think is beautiful in this world. So I've decided (thanks to a very helpful word from a friend) to change my outlet... Move to somewhere far more visual, far more impacting on the eye, somewhere where I can post what inspires me without having to give a justification, or a synopsis or a witty anecdote (I love to read them but now hate writing them myself).

So ladies and gentlemen I am moving to Tumblr. If you wish to continue to follow me and have a gander now and again please do! It'll be the same as before (food, fashion frolicking and design) but just a more visual approach to keep up with this life of mine that is pressing ever forward. I hope to put more of my own photography and design up there and finally get back to outfit posts (though they may seem weird on tumblr).

Thanks to all of you for reading this blog, you have truly touched my heart with your love of the blog and made me feel worthy to blog. And I hope you will visit the new site from time to time. I will always be there, posting what inspires me and what hopefully engages you.

See you on the other side...

Image via Pinterest

Friday, November 1, 2013

warm fingers...

Ok my first proper post in awhile... Forgive me, I need to get back into the swing of things. Well my camera is on the fritz so the next few posts will be items like this and probably so dodgy iPhone snaps. Enjoy!

Anyway, getting into the car the past few days my poor hands have been subjected to frozen steering wheels and icy breezes. I know it's the first of November now so I should be expecting that but the truth is that I haven't thought to buy gloves yet. (I need to rectify that this weekend on my Saturday ramble with my ma.) I did a little online browsing to find some inspiration and I feel I've found a pair for the three sides of my style... Well the three sides that I'm aware of anyway.

Little Princess: A side I don't show a whole lot of but she comes out in my accessories and in my love of sparkles and bows. This pair are from the Etsy shop Gertie Baxter and come in a few colours but I'm of the opinion if you're gonna go girly you need to go the whole hog. If I had these I would be pairing them with a navy full skirted coat, a fur collar and nude fishnets.

Mature Elegance: I swear I'm elegant (SERIOUSLY!). Well even if I have the grace of a baby elephant I still want to look sleek. These gloves are from Echo at Modcloth. What I love about them is the rich teal colour and then the subtle trim. Adding a bit of spice without looking over the top. I'd pair these with a fur swing coat, emerald earrings and black stilettos.

Chic Wanderer: This is me most of the time, messy and slightly confused but still tries to make the effort. I think it works! Well the perfect pair of gloves for this side of me is a pair of mittens from Bonzie. Snuggly and covered in the prettiest bits the world has to offer! Would look amazing with an oversized coat and some leather ankle boots.

So there you have it! I'll probably end up buying a cheapo pair from Penneys (rent and the commute are taking all my money!) But if I had a choice it would be one or all of these babies!

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm back...

Well it's been awhile... I apologise for my insanely lengthy absence. Work commitments and a long commute forced me into blog hiding for a few months... But now I'm back!

I have moved closer to work and am finally living with the boyfriend! I have a fast internet connection, a whole extra hour in my day and a passion to blog, there is no stopping me! I also want to start blogging about more than just fashion, I want to blog about food and interior design and life and art and design and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Hope you don't mind the change up and I hope I haven't lost too many of you.


Friday, June 21, 2013

the one piece...

A quick one for ye...

So as you all know I am heading to the sunny island of Tenerife in August. And I have been slowly buying the few key pieces I need. You know the ones, the perfect flat sandals, the white linen dress, the comfortable (yet cool) shorts, the perfect beach cover up. And of course the perfect swimwear. This is easy elimination for me. Tankinis and bikinis are a complete no go area for this lady. I would be far too conscious of my belly. So it simply has to be a swimsuit. The question is though which swimsuit? I have narrowed it down to these final three from Next. All have padding/support for the bosom (a MUST) and all are in the same price bracket (literally euros between them). I love all three and think they'd all be flattering but I just can't bring myself to settle on one (and I am not buying two because I already have one at home).

Now this swimsuit will be the 'lounging by the pool and I want my boyfriend to not stop looking at me'  as opposed to the 'surfing, swimming, let's go find some caves' swimsuit (I already have that one – with good dependable straps). So really this swimsuit will need to be simply gorgeous and flattering yet still good enough for a quick dip in the pool. Ladies (and gents if you're out there) which would you put on this body of mine? I think I may also ask my fella but it's good to get a second opinion!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

the overcoat...

I've mentioned before that I have an incredibly talented best buddy who studied costume design... If you haven't heard, I do and she is! Her name is Christina Byrne and here is her final piece for her final year. I thought I'd share it with you because the costumes are beyond beautiful. The idea was simple, the story of a man and his overcoat. Pained by having a shabby coat (all he can afford in cold pre-revolution Russia) he dreams of the perfect coat. As I said the idea is simple but the execution is perfect, the visualisation is superb and the detailing is divine. I particularly love the outfit of the tailor's wife, (the tailor is a drunken fool who can't do anything - she's the real hero!) the edwardian/scout look really is quite divine!

There really isn't much more to say except enjoy the images and look her up on facebook which she has shamefully left un-updated in about a year. But that will be rectified soon!

There is a video but I cannot upload it... Darn!