Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chic is a two legged word...

I found this loverly image off Lookbook and it reminded me why I love tapered trousers. This outfit is just super chic! I love it! Outfit posts like this always make me so jealous. Are these people ever not effortlessly stylish? Do they not have days in baggy cardigans and jeans and some converse? Wish I had their wardrobes...

Anyway after that little rant, I found some gorgeous tapered trousers that I wish to buy (once someone employs me and I make some money). The top one is from Warehouse, the middle two are from Asos and the bottom one is from Topshop. I think that these can be worn in alot of ways, demin shirts, dotey cardigans, chiffon blouses, retro tshirts etc. I just need to get my hands on a pair.

In other news I am on my summer holidays! Woot! Have all my stuff home from my college flat and everything. Just need to get a job now (do I sound desperate??? he he) and I am out with my girlies tomorrow for some shopping then later maybe some dancing!

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  1. Would you believe that I have never owned a pair? You are so right though - they are so effortlessly gorgeous and I think they could bring me through Summer nicely...! Oh and I noticed Im on your blog roll...EEP! As soon as I figure out how to make one youre going on mine too!

    Love love love,