Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tee off...

I know the sun is shining today but I cannot help but feel cold the past few days and the smell of autumn, I feel, is in the air (I hope I'm wrong though). 

And one item that is most definitely on my list for an autumnal wardrobe is over the knee argyle socks (I'm gonna do a post soon about what I want my autumn wardrobe to look like- but not just yet). When I think about these socks images of Clueless and Gossip Girl spring to my mind. You know what I mean: crisp white shirts under cropped sweaters, mini dresses with high heeled loafers, pretty hairbands and pearls. Seems like a great wardrobe for back to college (trust me it'll work). Will need to be sophisticated-up with some forties chic (I think everyone is lusting after the forties look, who wouldn't its fab!).

These socks below are from River Island and they are all lovely!