Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something wicked this way comes...

Halloween is literally around the corner and last Monday all the design students of AIT decided to hit the streets fancy dress style...

The three fellows above kept their costume a secret, creating much hype. I told one of them if I was impressed they were going on the blog. And boy was I impressed! This photo does not do these costumes justice. Many many hours went into these costumes and I feel it was well worth it! The guys behind the masks are Mikey Ryan (Batman), Ray O'Donovan (Joker) and Gary Keating (Robin).

Fair play to ya lads! You have a lot to live up to next year!

My costume was not as amazing but I was told it was rather fashionable (whoop!). I was Ringleader of the Dead Show (which just meant I was a slightly scarier version of a regular Ringleader). Emma was Twiggy and Heather was Willy Wonka. Apparently Heather and I looked hilarious having a little conversation together in the nightclub... I suppose two girls in top hats in a nightclub is pretty funny, at least odd anyway.

I backcombed the shizz out of my hair which hurt later on but was totally worth it and I decided to go completely mad with the eyeshadow (lets face it I am not going to get away with that eye make up any other night of the week). I felt cool, yes cool!

Twas a great night and everyone looked deadly!

If I need to go out again this Halloween I shall wear this again sans top hat (twas slightly awkward). If anyone asks I am a demented and slightly glamourous zombie waiter or something...

Top Hat: Borrowed
Shirt: Penneys (mens section)
Bow: Penneys
Tux Jacket: Monsoon

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  1. ZOMG lego Batman! Savage costume. I also was a ringleader for Halloween a few years back - sadly though, I had no top hat...