Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If Santa really loved me #4

I am running out of time for all my bloggers... I've been terrible in keeping up with blogging (I even forgot Graphic Monday!) Forgive me, it is Christmas after all. So I am gonna do two in a row from now on so I fit them all in... My bloggers do not think this makes you any less special.

So our first lovely blogger today is Stephen Moloney of Stitches, Fabric and Soul (love his blog, you should love it too). Stephen feels no need to persuade Santa. Like me, he knows he's been good and is sure to get a gift off Father Christmas.

And what does he want? Well nothing less than a Mulberry Alexa... Who doesn't?!

Mulberry Alexa

And now blogger two... The gorgeous Sara Devine of Lions, Tigers and Sara, Oh My! (love her!) has told me what she wants off Santa. The items she wants are very beautiful and very sold out but sure Santa can work miracles so not to worry. 

Sara wants a pair of Acne Atacoma wedges. She wants them so badly and doesn't care if she can't walk in them. But she can always sit and admire them... A big part of me wants these too!

Acne Atacoma wedges

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