Friday, December 24, 2010

If Santa really loved me #7

It is Christmas Eve and I have my final three bloggers who are desperate to get their extravagant gifts from Father Christmas...

First is Glamrocks Luna... These ladies want a good bit off poor auld Santa. If Santa really loved them he would give them access to the vogue wardrobe, a shopping spree in Chanel, a time machine so they can go back to the 80s and dress and dance like Romy and Michelle whenever they wanted to, a vat of zero calorie Ben and Jerry's, silky smooth fizz free hair oh... and world peace!

Santa better start sorting all that out fairly sharpish.

Vogue Wardrobe (I think!)

Who will follow that lot?

Well that would be Aisling Keenan of Think What You Like, a mad yolk with one hell of a blog! Now if Santa really loved her, he'd bring her: laser eye surgery to give her the gift of sight, a Chanel 2.55 and a Chanel filofax, YSL Tribs in every colour. Louboutin lace-up boots. A Marchesa dress for New Years Eve. A Lorraine Schwartz diamond and sapphire ring (he'd give that to her boyfriend to pass onto her maybe)... A trip to Las Vegas. An Alexander McQueen scarf, a rolex watch, an exact replica of one of Anna's dresses from The King and I.

Oh it goes on... The use of a personal trainer and chef for the year. A years supply of See's Candy Butterscotch Lollipops (GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN they're amazing...) A meeting with Beyonce (Santa is magic, he could totally organise that) aaaaand finally, a cure for this desperate materialism I'm suffering from.

I am beginning to feel sorry for Santa...

YSL Tribs

Anna's dress from the King and I

Finally.... Our last blogger is the lovely Jo Linehan of S-oh S-ew (have you had her cupcakes? - delish!). If Santa really loved her, he would give her... a ticket to the Rolling Stones Christmas Concert in Central Park (which is completely fictitious but real in her dreams!), a dinner date with Caleb Followill, shopping date with Carrie Bradsha, studio tour with Karl Lagerfeld,  job at Elleuk and a pair of Miu Miu heels to do it all in...

Caleb Followill

Miu Miu Heels

Good luck Santa!

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers xx


    cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  2. High maintenance ladies, I likey1

  3. Oh, if Santa could swing that for Glamrocks Luna I'll tag along! x