Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feelin' Swish...

Haven't done an outfit post in awhile... I have been missing them.

I wore this outfit to college today. I strutted through the hallways (my skirt swishing behind me)and felt ever so stylish. I do love this skirt but I do need to take it in. I feel happy and annoyed that I have to take it in, happy that I am smaller than I thought I was and annoyed because I really don't feel like taking it in (just too lazy) but it seriously needs it.

This is one of my favourite tops, which is a bit odd because I don't wear it often. No reason why I don't, am going to correct that and show this top some love. I think it is a terribly cutsey top, something I'd expect Cassie (from Skins) to wear.

I wore heels to college, still determined to teach my feet to behave and like heels. By the end of my college day my feet decided to give up and die on me so I had to change to flats. But then I was left with a problem, that skirt doesn't suit flats with tights. Solution change into jeans, comfy dark straight legs.

Does anyone else ever change their outfit during the middle of the day? Or is it just me?

Top: Warehouse
Skirt: Next
Shoes/Tights: Penneys

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