Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love this...

I saw this on Elle of the Ball on Sunday I felt I just had to show it to you guys. There is something about this dress that is just amazing (you may not agree). I think it's the sheer simplicity mixed with the block colouring. You kind of think it shouldn't work but it does!

I want to get my hands on it! I wanna see what it would be like with loads of accessories and then with a simple chain and then with hair down... I wanna see if this dress is truly versatile or is it just that Kate Bosworth managed to make it work when it shouldn't. 

I want to believe it is versatile just because it is so beautiful... But sure even if it's not I'll be more than happy to wear it this way...


  1. Surely it's only a matter of time before these pretty things hit the high street... I bet Penney's could totally nail it!


  2. I think it is just skirt + tshirt - it is Jil Sander. So beautiful. Kate Bosworth does make great, interesting choices.