Friday, November 25, 2011

clinging on...

After shoes, bags are my favourite things in this world of fashion (I probably say that about a lot of things though.) I love all kinds of bags: old bags, new bags, big bags, small bags... The list is genuinely endless. I just think they finish off an outfit perfectly. But my favourite type is the clutch bag. For me they are the divas of the bag world. Can be tiny, can be big but always demand attention. There is something more elegant about having to hold your bag in your hand. Oh I just love them!

Just like your shoes, your bag should make a statement. It should talk to people, tell them all about you. Allow people to see a glimpse of your personality...

And of course it should be able to hold your whole world.

Here are the bags I wanna be rockin' this winter...

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  1. Clutch wonderland... Love all these!