Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The weather is scarily good outside and I have the curse of two wardrobes. One at college and one at home and of course all my lovely summery shoes are at home. I am stuck in leather t-bars that are proving to be a little overwhelming. What I need is a good pair of Miss L Fire. Their spring/summer collection has me salivating severely (which is never a good look). Not only are they open toed and comfortable (to keep you both fresh and unburdened while going on about your business) but they are brightly coloured, super dotey and just plain happy looking They are indeed summer shoes and they make my heart sing. I need to invest!

Ok, back to work :(


  1. I totally fell for the first 2 pairs

  2. oooh I wish it was really summer holidays so I could wear all the pretty shoes!