Thursday, July 26, 2012

soft and light...

Believe it or believe it not, Carlow is having a lovely day. I hope it's the same for everybody... 

I went to work in a denim shirt and ski pants thinking it wouldn't be all that beautiful out. Thankfully, I was wrong and as soon as I came home I was out of the heavy black and into the super light and super soft white. This dress is the perfect summer dress in my opinion, it's comfy yet still fitted, it's white (which as you all know reflects the light away to keep one all cool and lovely) and it's really cute. Little house on the prairie and all that shiz. AND all those little holes make it very airy! Perfection... The only thing I am not to pleased about is how low this dress is for a 'day dress'. It's grand for some people but I always feel like Bosoms MaGee most of the time anyway so it's not the best. Tis simply rectified with a lace body underneath though. Result!

To follow on in the comfort and coolness stakes I pinned back my hair loosely and donned chunky sandals. Now to find somewhere cool to work...

Dress: Oasis
Body: Penneys
Sandals: Lotta From Stockholm
Rings: KKajoux (gold) Vintage (silver)
Necklace: Etsy/Glitz Glitter


  1. Such a beautiful dress! "bosoms Mc Gee" hahahaha Brilliant I know exactly how you feel I've had similar problems with dresses.. :D

  2. Very purty! It's so bloody hard to know what to put on in the mornings.. mad Irish weather!

  3. Thanks so much! It was a bargain at €3!

  4. this is the cutest thing I have seen you wear... and I heart your hair in the first photo