Thursday, September 6, 2012

how to 'skinnify' your jeans...

Remember these? Last week I promised that I (well my ma) would show you how to 'skinnify' ones jeans/trousers. Before we started I assumed that this was gonna be really tricky. But is was easy. So easy that I feel rather stupid telling ye how. But I said I would so here it goes...

 You can sew them by hand if you wish but it would take much longer. If you aren't confident with a sewing machine get someone you know who is to help you. But this kind of sewing is quite simple. Even I can do it.

STEP 1: Figure out yourself how much there is to take off. It was roughly two inches at the bottom for me. Once you figured that out, mark on the jeans with some chalk where you need to sew. We marked from the end of the pocket down. When we were marking it we started at the edge and then tapered out gradually to the full two inches. You know your own legs best so you decide where and how much you'll need to taper off. For instance they might only need taken in from the knees down. 

STEP 2: Once both legs are finished a quick and easy way to see if both are even simply place one leg on top of the other one and line up the chalk on one leg to the edge of the other leg. If both chalk marks line up with their respective edges at the same time then it is even.

STEP 3: Now it's time to sew. Set the sewing machine to a single line stitching. Next, simply sew from the bottom of leg up to the bottom of the pocket by following the markings.* Once one leg is done, cut off the excess thread and repeat on the second leg.* It is good to remember that when you start and finish sewing you should sew back over the last inch of stitches. This way the stitches will keep. STEP 4: Once you have tried them on and are satisfied with the fit (remember you can keep doing this until you're happy, just rip the stitches) all you have left to do is to simply cut off the excess material.
And you're done! Told you it was easy.

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  1. Hello

    Yeah i loved it ! Seems so simple maybe i'll try it too :)

    Hope you are fine :)

    Sab from France