Saturday, October 20, 2012

covered for winter...

For years I have always been kind of afraid of any form of tights that were not black opaque... I felt they were hard to dress and that (because of my size) I looked ridiculous in them. But there has been a change of late. This past year I have delved into nude fishnets and burgundy opaques and I feel like expanding this exploration further. I want to pair my winter boots and dresses with thick cable knit tights, ribbed wooly ones and colourful opaques. I wanted to stay warm on nights out with delicate cream patterned tights, glittery stockings and elaborate lacy pairs. 

Looking at other women and how they wear their tights, I can tell that tights are a great way to add life to an outfit, add a little bit of character and style. I realise now that tights can be sexy, they can cute, they can be daring. They don't just have to be practical, they can also be beautiful. I can safely say that wardrobe is gonna get a rude yet delightful awakening this winter. My fear that I will look silly is quickly fading. I think I am ready for the winter and all that tights have to offer. 


  1. the trick is to wear the most outrageous pair first so every other pair wont seem like such a statement x

  2. I never really thaught of tights like that. You go girl;)