Friday, October 5, 2012

golden time...

My graduation is coming up soon and my parents wanted to get me something to celebrate the importance of the occasion (so sweet!). They knew I really wanted a new watch for some time now so last week my mama brought me down to our local jewellers and told me to pick out a watch of my choice (which was harder than expected). At first I had NO IDEA what she was up to and then I slowly copped on... 

The watch I chose was a Citizen, just like my papa apparently! She is a beauty ain't she?!? Gold tone with a mother of pearl face and Swarovski crystals around the edge... It's got a big face (which I love) and it has one of those easy closed bracelet style straps so I don't end up spending hours trying to put it on (more of a common occurrence than I'd like to admit). It's so beautiful that I am really petrified I am going to damage it but my boyfriend pointed out that watches are designed to take a few hard knocks so I am too relax. He's such a smart chap! 

Oh and they inscribed it 'Love Mum & Dad' which I think is simply beautiful. You'll be seeing this baby on me A LOT!


  1. Awh, it's beautiful.. Happy Graduation! :) x

  2. so beautiful x