Friday, December 28, 2012

in search of the right flat...

As you all know I am a fan of my heels... They are elegant and flattering and are so pretty. But there are times when they are just highly impractical, no matter how conditioned you think your feet are! Those nights where you want to dance all night, want to stand around laughing and walk home or simply told to vacate your seat so some dweeby skeezbag can pull some not so eager drunk girl (yes that actually happened to us on Stephen's Night- we stole their drinks in retaliation).

I have a feeling New Years will be a night like this (hopefully not with the last part) and I want to enjoy it. I don't want to lose my balance when drunk people knock into me (or if I get too drunk myself), I don't want to have to ask to sit down for awhile. I want to dance into the new year! So appropriate footwear is in order. Flats, pumps... Sadly so far I have not found a pair I think will be pretty enough for a night out, for a party, for a soiree. All the pretty shoes seem to have serious height to them. I have to go on a further expedition this morning. I dare enter the crazy world of sales but I think it could be successful.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Stealing their drinks in retaliation just makes me love you more. Hope you find the most perfect shoes, Rhona!

    1. Sadly no luck on the shoe front... just felt wrong on my feet. I have figured out a plan though!

  2. Must say I recently got a few fashion flats in Clarks that are make 8hrs of standing more comfortable!