Sunday, January 27, 2013

earning a place...

These are poor feet before I ran 6k today, last year I could barely run one. And that's my sexy toe hole.... mmmmm sexy!

I don't know if you guys knew this about me or not (can't remember if I've discussed it on here before) but I've been running for about six/seven months at this stage. Last summer, I got sick and tired of really untidy and not being able to be as active as my boyfriend would like (he's mad into the outdoors before you think otherwise). I just wanted to get fit (like proper healthy) and shed a few pounds in the process, you know yourself (we all like to feel and look tidy). But when I started back in July/August I wasn't really expecting to really achieve anything. I had hopes and aspirations that I would get fit and be running every week. But I thought that it was just wishful thinking. And with this in mind I never bothered to get special running gear. Except a sports bra and runners (every girl should have these!) However, my boyfriend had other plans. He was not just going to let me give up when my legs hurt or when my lungs burned... I was just told that's my body wanting to give up (but not actually giving up). And with his mean coach attitude and persistence and my unwillingness to look bad in front of him I powered on until I was able to go for long runs on my own.

And now I feel like I can call myself a runner but for awhile I had this vanity hanging over me. I felt like when people saw me run they didn't see a runner they saw some chunky yolk in baggy trackies and a rain coat. I felt I had earned the acknowledgement that other runners get when they glide around the town. I have worked hard to achieve what I achieved. (I know it's terribly vain of me but I can't help it). So last Saturday I treated myself to a fancy long sleeved running top and a pair of super comfy leggings. And when the lady at the counter asked was I getting into some exercise I delightfully said that I was just getting new gear for my running. And I know it's a little sad but I felt great buying my new gear knowing it wouldn't be wasted.

Anyone who has decided to get fit, don't buy the clothing just yet. Persist through the first few months and reward yourself once you know you are in it for the long haul. Trust me it's a great feeling!

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