Thursday, January 3, 2013

the practical side, the curious side...

People! It's a brand new year! A year full of possibilities and new ideas and feelings. This year I want to do more. Walk more and use the car less, get lost whilst wandering, jump around in bars. This means a slight alteration in the footwear department. A change to something more sensible yet still highly stylish, highly quirky and still very me.

Oddly I feel bad about this decision, really really bad. It's silly, I know, but I spent such a long time conditioning my feet to wear heels on a daily basis (I am wearing a pair right now). And thanks to my job I do a lot of sitting so I can indulge in pretty heels while at work. But high heels, as beautiful and as flattering as they are, they are just so restricting and impractical (now I just sound old). But it's true! I feel they are holding me back at times. I remember I asked fellow blogger, and Shutterbug owner, Blanaid Hennessy how she manages to live in her highest of heels. She responded with 'short burst to and from the house.' An ingenious way to get around the issue but there are days where I will have to and will want to be on my feet, dawn 'til dusk, dusk 'til dawn. And I want to be able to do it in something other than my busted up converse. Countless of times I've heard myself say 'Oh wait! I need to change my shoes first,' (and yes it was usually into my old converse).

So there will be two sides* to me from now on, well two sides to my feet. The glamourous, ladylike side that enjoys fine dining, martinis and slow dances. And then there will be the other side, the curious side. The side that needs comfortable footwear in order to get that perfect photo, in order to lose oneself in the music and to keep going all day and all night. And obviously do the weekly shop....

*The two sides have always been there, just one of them hasn't been suitable dressed.

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