Tuesday, April 23, 2013

long mane...

I have been toying with this idea for a long while... My hair has been pretty much the same for the past
six years. Just longer than shoulder length with layers. The layers were to give body and the only reason it was that length was because anytime I got it long enough my hairdresser would tell me it's too dry and chop it all off again. But not this time! Oh no! This summer I am going have free flowing locks that I can tie in plaits, low lying buns or simply let hang in a careless fashion. Gosh I love carefree hair!

When I was younger (around 15) I had long, glossy hair that fell into hippie style ringlets. I saw a photo of it recently (I was holding up my unamused cat and grinning from ear to ear) and I longed for that hair again. I want to say good bye to my layers and let my hair grow down past my eh chest area... I'm going to get my mum to trim a tiny bit every so often and keep it nice and conditioned and hope for the best. My only issue is that I have quite fine hair so I am hoping that the regular mini trim will encourage growth and thickness (or is that just a myth).

Hopefully it'll all work out and I'll have the hair I covet. If anyone has grown their hair out at all please give me ALL the tips you have!


  1. Mine is in a bad need of a chop but I can't bring myself to, especially before summer ;)

    1. I know what you mean... long hair is for the summer!