Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Last Two Days...

Ok the last two days were pretty hectic in college. Yesterday was such a difficult day because I was doing a stop motion animation and lets just say it left me a little em frustrated (putting it politely)... But at least I had my loverly WW2 outfit so at least I was chic while tearing my hair out. After college the girls and I went to The AIT Stars in their Eyes show which was for the Make a Wish foundation. I wore out my red lippy to be in keeping with the rest of my 40s outfit. My friends Heather and Kathy were in it as the Veronicas! They were amazing and stunning! They didn't win but they were so good I was so proud!
Today in college was much better. Did good work with my animation and my friend Emma were messing around and created new bird shaped eyelashes he he! Lady GaGa eat your heart out! That bird is really on my eyelid...


  1. oh you really pull off the red lip look!
    you lipstick is a great shade

  2. Wowee I love the outfit you wore (while pulling your hair out!) It's stunning and the red lippy is perfect! x