Sunday, March 28, 2010

Purchase 2

Forgive the appauling photo of mise. So purchase number two is this absolutely divine lipstick from MAC. It is called Cyber and is to die for. I made a post about wanting a colour like this and I took the plunge and bought myself some... It is so silly I know but I feel very daring when I wear it. Bought on Ebay for a tenner (including postage and packaging). There was some woman who had shop (on Ebay) selling cosmetics so I gave it a shot. I know most people would be iffy about buying make up on Ebay but it came in the MAC box and wasn't used at all. Also a wonderful thing about this lippy is that it smells of chocolate! I don't know why, I read the ingredients and nothing looked cocoa related... In the photo it looks more red but it is quite purple-ish! Not something I would wear all the time but certainly gonna be brought out when I need a show stopping look! Let me know what you think...

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