Friday, May 28, 2010

As they instruct: get Carried away...

London Premiere

New York Premiere

Of course I couldn't let this week pass without mentioning possibly the movie of the summer (for me anyway). And of course I had to mention the dresses!!!!

My love for Sex and the City all began when I first started to watch it when I was like fifteen or something (purely for the clothes). But the characters grew on me and I began to really enjoy the story lines and all that was going on in the world of Carrie and her friends.

Now, down to the important bit, the dresses!!! Well I think all the women looked fantastic both nights, but my favourite out of the whole lot of them is Kristin Davis' one from the New York premiere. It is bright pink (which might have turned me off it) but the cut is so elegant and classic so I think it works so well. It is just so pretty.

SJP's dresses are so interesting and beautiful. You can always count on her to deliver something stunning and out of the ordinary. Cynthia Nixon, I think, looked so elegant both nights and I'm loving the longer hair on her. Kim Cattrall was just oozing sex appeal as usual (gorgeous!).

Also, just so you know, SJP's London premiere dress is by the late Alexander McQueen.

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