Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Winter loving...

Was tipped off by a friend of mine to have a good auld look at the Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 collection. She told me that I was going to love it and she was right! So very very right! It is the nicest designer collection I have seen in awhile... I love nearly ever single bit of it!

There is a whole fifties ladylike theme surrounding this collection, with its gloves, long full skirts, velvet bow shoes and nipped in waists (if you know me you know how I love my nipped in waists!). I am also loving the selection of fabrics they used. You just gotta love the velvet straps and leather full skirts as well the tweed, heavy wool and faille. And the colours! So simple, so elegant, so perfect!

It is safe to say I am in love...

Go check out the rest of the collection at the Louis Vuitton website.


  1. Agreed! Im in love with all the new incoming style too - it has a certian sophistication to it. however, i have no dosh to buy any of the stuff im lusting after so for now ill just have to drool from a far (*sob sob*)

  2. Has to be one of the best 'new' trends and styles to come around in a long time ! Everyone can wear it and feel gorgeous and stylish. Love seeing more Irish bloggers around ! great job overall.

    Fifi and Niamh.

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  3. those fabrics are amazing x

  4. kind of want to marry this whole collection..

  5. Kinda, sorts really want to marry this too. I love this season, its great for girls with curves. I blame Mad Men. Great blog!