Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Shoes...

It is my 21st birthday today and among the amazing gifts that I received so far (which includes Raybans, an old watch and a gold wish bone necklace) I got these off my boyfriend. I was given them on Sunday but was forbidden to open them until this morning. I knew what I was getting (because I picked them out) but I was so excited and nervous about opening them, I was so afraid that they weren't going to fit. But they do!

He asked me back in December what I wanted and I yelped "shoes!" So I was sent on a mission to find a pair for him to get me (he wasn't going to attempt to pick a pair for - which was probably a smart move). At first I was going to get something smart, sophisticated, sexy... possibly nude/peach, satin, a killer heel. Something I could where with anything and everything.

But then I said "fudge that!" and decided I wanted these beautifully mad shoes! I feel like a modern day Marie Antoinette in them (except without all the sadness).

They are a perfect gift! What says I love you more than a pair of green tinsel shoes???

I love them...

Thank you x


  1. Apparently shoes is one of those things that u're not supposed to get your boy/girl cause the relationship won't last. I have at least 2 pairs from my boy and they're the best pressies ever!!!! someone needs to change those silly rules ;) love the madness of your pick

  2. That is a stupid rule! Especially since I love shoes!!!

  3. HAPPY BDY sweetie-darling-rosebud x

  4. Happy Birthday! Wow - the shoes are amazing.

  5. sparkly shoe goodness!