Sunday, February 6, 2011

blissfully loose...

Miss Selfridge
College projects have taken over my life and even though I have a love affair with the fitted form I've noticed myself throwing on my giant denim shirt when doing college work. It's soft, comfy, loose and so easy going. I don't have to worry about fixing myself every 5 minutes.

So right now I am dreaming (instead of finishing off my menu) of loose fitted dress that can be worn with converse, chunky socks and a messy beehive ponytail (don't ask, its the hairstyle I've been lusting after for awhile).

Sadly I do not have the funds to shop online or the spare time to snoop out Penneys so I will have to do with my beloved denim shirt. It is being worn again tomorrow (with floral hot pants and tights).

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