Friday, March 11, 2011

All in knots...

New Look


Oh how I want one of these shirts! Perfect for the summer with the legs out and eyes hidden with big shades. No sleeves to restrict me ( I find shirt sleeves restricting at times) and a tie to define my waist. And it is so youthful, fun and a little bit edgy (like your the bad girl from a fifties movie with a cigarette in your mouth- even though I hate smoking). What more could a girl ask for?

I genuinely feel this style of shirt is versatile. I can see myself wearing it with flares and wedges, with a long tube skirt and flip flops, with little khaki shorts and cons, with a skater skirt and pomps... the list is surely endless.

I do think my personal favourite is the monochrome pineapples. The pattern is quite quirky but is calmed by the muted colouring. I can see it matching my new RayBans nicely.

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  1. love that style of shirt too, the one from asos is my favourite! x