Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bathed in marl grey and the blackest of blacks...

This was my outfit yesterday... I'm seriously getting into these ripped neck tops. It started when I had a couple of band tees and the likes that had those ridiculously small neck holes (not flattering for the bigger chested lady at all). So off came the neck and now I look sloppy but isn't that the desired effect? I like it! It is a big contradiction being all alluring (probably not, but still) and showing some skin in a baggy tee.

Also I'm in love with my Morticia skirt even though it isn't actually on trend. I suppose thats the thing, wear what you like despite trends. They should only be guidelines. And I love this skirt, it ain't leaving my wardrobe or my life.

I am finding it hard to dress myself the past few days. Ever since the sun disappeared it has become a tad chilly but I refuse to put my legs back into tights. I mean its May for flip sake! I just won't do it. But I don't want to be wearing trousers all the time. I guess I'm just being stubborn. Hopefully Mr. Sun will come back and I can bask in shorts and sun dresses once more and not wear out all my pants.

Tee: Penneys (men section)
Skirt: Warehouse
Wishbone necklace: Accessorize
Watch: Gift
Cons: Gift
Lipstick: Rimmel (Coral in Gold)


  1. Love slouchy tees! They are so comfy an laid back but they look deadly..
    And I 110% agree with wearin what you want despite trends.. Even though I do follow some of them, I can't tell u the amount of times I've sworn never to buy vogue again after they've pissed me off with a 'must-have this season' belt for 1000euro! Yet, I still read it haha...
    Hope your projects are goin' well! My boyfriends at the end of his last year of the graphic design degree,and it's definitely intense!

  2. i know what you mean about vogue! grrr

    and i am finished! whoop! hope your bf ain't too stressed