Friday, May 27, 2011

My uniform...

I realised I never told you guys that I landed an internship in an amazing art print studio, Graphic Studio Dublin. Three days a week until the end of July I am there doing my thang, and learning loads! Very happy indeed!

But obviously an art print studio is full of ink and other messy things and I'm doing a lot of standing and heavy lifting so I've been kind of living in these two items of clothing. My denim shirt and my converse (would you believe I've only had them a week, I'm good a get things filthy.) It is the perfect uniform for this job really, loose, comfortable but still kind of cool (bonus!) I just throw on various trousers, shorts, skirts underneath them everyday. I was thinking of wandering into Penneys and getting another denim shirt (just so I'm not in that one all day everyday.) Maybe a more fitted one... love fitted denim shirts.

Also I am in love with my new cons, I wear them nearly everyday, even when I'm not working. I've been wanting a lo-top pair for awhile now. Didn't really know what colour to get, then I saw a girl in my college wearing these ones with skinny jeans and I was convinced. White was the way to go, tis old school after all.

Shirt: Penneys
Converse: Littlewoods