Sunday, May 1, 2011

A running theme...

We heart it
It seems to be a recurring theme that most Irish bloggers will not be able to blog due to end of year exams and what not for a little while. I, unfortunately, am no different. I do not have exams (whoop) but I do have an end of year portfolio that is due next Monday. I can imagine it will be stressful, even though I've already made a good stab at it. I need to get loads done this week especially since I am going to an opera on Saturday (my boyfriend's father is in it) so I don't want to be all fried that night.

Next week, when I am finished, I will resume my normal blogging, hopefully with an outfit post of what I wear to opera (my first opera- excited!)

Good luck to all who have end of year college stuff to be doing, exams and the likes.

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