Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Positive thinking...

I am a worrier... It is as simple as that. I weigh myself down with problems that can't be solved and make myself get upset when there really is no point. And why do I do this to myself??? Bigger question is why do people create problems in my life that can't be solved? All I know is that I don't need hassle like that... I have people who care for me and make me feel loved. I should focus on that. But will I? I'll certainly try, may not be successful... Good thoughts will conquer.

Good thoughts in mind I got my results for college today. I passed everything! Woot! I did quite well and I am very proud of myself...

More good thoughts, I was awarded "the sweetest follower" award by the utterly darling Erin from My Wildflower Wardrobe, this girl has got the style and chicness of someone five to ten years her senior (when I was her age I was in jeans and t-shirts). Truly a girl to be reckoned with and I simply love her and her blog! A huge. massive, very very very big thank you to her.

Keep those good thoughts coming life!


  1. I love this post - and a huge congratulations on all the passing! x

  2. I'm such a worrier too!!! I draw such stress on myself from worry too much about things. It's very hard to stop though, even though I am trying to think more positively. Any tips???

  3. I don't have any, just ignore myself and think rationally...