Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A whole lot of something...

I have had a nice few days since Sunday, you know those days when you are just always doing something and even when your not it's still fun...

Was out Sunday night and had a tad too much fun which caused an ill stomach for the morning of Monday... But Monday started to get better as I went for a lovely swim with the boyfriend at our local pool. Did a few lengths and got dunked a lot! And later that day went to see Inception. My dear readers go see it! I loved it and I know you will to... If you have seen it let me know what you thought.

So on Tuesday the boyfriend dragged me up a mountain (very proud that I didn't collapse and die of exhaustion) but despite my gasping and the fact I was always a few feet behind him I enjoyed it (it's nice to move out of your comfort zone every now and again). Once we got to the top we got the most amazing view, wish I had a camera I could have taken a photo for you guys. When you stop and look Ireland is such a beautiful place (soppy and silly I know but it's true!)

My pretty big bow and hair looking rather dull (that's what I get for adding effects to my pictures...)

Above is what I am wear today... Ain't that the prettiest bow you ever did see!?!?! I love it! Got it on sale in Topshop. And look I am wearing heels just like I said I would. But I have a feeling these will having to come off now as I have just found out the boyfriend and I are doing some more walking in the countryside. So converse it is! At least I had the heels for a little while...

Hairband: Topshop
Heels: Penneys (gift from big sis)


  1. Those red heels are gorgeous! Just came across your blog and I am loving your style :)

  2. seriously adore that hair ribbon! i mean i love hair things anyway, but that is so Alice in Wonderland - amazing find!

  3. Carly: Thank you very much! xx He he I like my style too :)

    Kat: I know! Isn't it just so cute! All I need now is a light blue full skirted dress... he he must find one! :)