Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carry on my wayward son...

Went to the always beautiful Altamount Gardens with the boyfriend today... Oh how I love that house 
(I seriously want to live in it: even though I'm sure it is completely derelict inside). And lets not forget the actual gardens... Stunning!

We spent the day messing around and taking photos of each other. He is a better photographer and poser than me (look at that creative pose with the pillar he he). Tis so not fair! He was trying to help me model better (as I have stated before I feel silly and nervous in front of the camera when I do shots for my blog). He really made it fun for me which I was so grateful... I mean I shouldn't feel shy in front of him of all people!

This dress is one I don't think I wear enough, or give enough credit... It is very comfy, the pattern is very seventies (who'd have thought I got it from Penneys?) and has a nice loose fit, yet still has a flattering shape! 

Dress/Leggings: Penneys
Gladiators: Dunnes
Bag: Accessorize


  1. that last photo is so pretty x

  2. I totes heart that last photee. You look awesome Rhona! X