Friday, September 24, 2010

Common interest... The Blogger Bash!

Just Gorgeous!

So the big Blogger Bash was on Saturday and what a night it was! It started off with my very first drive to Dublin... It was scary but I was brave and I made it to the party.

When I arrived I was received with a warm welcome and smiling faces. I didn't recognise many of the faces but by the end of the night I even knew their fashion faux pas (thanks WWIWT!). There was loads of wine (though I had to stick to the orange juice) and teeny tiny cupcakes made by the super sweet Jo Linehan (oooh they were tasty). 

A few days before I had this thought, how odd is it that I was going to a place I have never been to meet people I have never actually met before. I was wondering would I actually get on with them or sit there like a depressed fish. But thankfully that was not the case! Those bloggers were so so lovely! I could have talked to them for hours. It was like we knew each other for years. 

And they dressed fantastically! Oh sweet lord did they dress well! I was down right jealous of their outfits! I know those last three sentences all finished with an exclamation point but I don't care! (I don't care about that one either)

I loved it! Whisty and Catherine throw another one! Soon!
Apologies for the stolen pictures...

Check out all the blogs, I am sure you'll find something you like...

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Proof that Whisty planted a big wet one on me!