Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fighting the masses...

I know she ain't everyones favourite person but I really like Drew Barrymore. And it came to my realisation yesterday that I always have...

I enjoy her in every movie I've seen her in. And I really like her style. Now, like everyone, she has had a few fashion hiccups but I am willing to over look them for her style is so interesting and not over done.

For her day looks she teams tailored pieces with ripped jeans, band tshirts with aztec beading and breton stripes with beanies. And her hair always has an element of I really couldn't care less (huge fan of that!).

For her night/red carpet looks she always has a vintage feel to her looks with a smidge of quirkiness...

I honestly think she is my new fashion icon...

Plus in the first collage she makes a brilliant facial expression (the one with the hair down and the biker jacket). It is kinda "I caught you looking but it's ok" (an odd remark I know but sure so you expect any less from me?).


  1. I love Drew Barrymore and her covetable ombre hair. Although I think I may have been warped at an early age by watching her as a teenage seductress in Poison Ivy... That was some weird film.

  2. She comes across as cool and edgy, but she is Hollywood, that's near impossible to be all three right? Anyway, vintage red carpet and ripped jeans for day-time? A girl can't go wrong with that fashion mantra! X

  3. Yeah went through a long period of unstoppable fashion disasters, but she's really got the hang of it in recent years!